New Service:  Early-bird application campaign by Jan 29 (Fri)
Promote your excellent products to FOODEX JAPAN buyers online!
For individual companies:

☑ in difficulties in exhibiting at overseas exhibition in March 2021
☑ in difficulties in finding a business partner (importer) in Japan
☑ who want to promote to Japanese buyers via FOODEX JAPAN 2021
☑ who want to promote through online without traveling to Japan

FOODEX JAPAN Secretariat developed a new, entirely convinient Online Promotion Package service!
◆ Service
Online showcase with physical / digital promotions

Online Promotion Package contains the following 3 services per 1 company's application.

1.   Virtual Exhibition 
- Online promotion platform -
Mar 2 - May 31 (3 months)

  • 1 company page ( text / photo )
  • 5 product pages ( text / photo / movie etc)
  • E-mail Inquiry function from visitors
  • CSV file export of visitors' list

2.   Organizer's advertisement booth at FOODEX JAPAN 2021
- Physical (ads) to Digital (Virtual Exhibition)  -
Mar 9 - Mar 12 (4 days)

  • An advertisement booth will be built and run by FOODEX JAPAN Secretariat.
  • 1 booth is shared with 2 or 3 companies stands.
  • Wall poster (A1 size, vertical) will be shown on each company's stand. 
  • Pamphlet / Brochure (A4 size, double-sided printing) distribution by our Japanese staff.

The layout, location and constraction at venue will be managed by Organizer.  What the user need to do is prepare for the PDF data for Wall poster and Pamphlet or Brochure.

3.   Digital advertisement 
- Digital (ads) to Digital (Virtual Exhibition)  -
Mar 22 - May 31 (2 months)

  • User's digital ads on feature page on Virtual Exhibition.
  • User's digital ads on 2 times of E-mail news letter to +110,000 Japanese buyers.
As for E-mail news letter, the user can put the company information on FOODEX JAPAN E-mail news letter to +110,000 Japanese buyers for 2 times after the exhibition of FOODEX JAPAN 2021. The user can gain contact information of its company/product page visitors.

The user can choose one of the following E-mail formats.

  • 38 letters(Japanese) x 5 lines with company page URL of Virtual Exhibition
  • Company logo with company page URL of Virtual Exhibition.

* The user can choose when (in which month) the E-mail will be delivered from the organizer's suggestion.
* There is not Japanese translation service. Please submit in Japanese letter to attract many Japanese buyers.
* The user cannot specify the posting place in the E-mail.

As for detail, there will be an online questionaire for users' request.
◆ Benefits of Users

1,  Many Japanese Buyers at Virtual Exhibition

On Virtual Exhibition, the service user can reach out to around 200,000 buyers who have previously visited exhibitions including FOODEX JAPAN and HOTERES JAPAN exhibitions.

2,  E-mail inquiry function and visitor's contact information

On Virtual Exhibition, the service user can gain the e-mail inquiries and contact information from online visitors of your own Virtual Exhibition page.

3,  Reasonable price to get access to Virtual Exhibition

This Package is reasonable price including promotion activities, compared with regular exhibit plan.
◆ Comparison with regular exhibit
To compare with regular exhibit, the use term of Virtual Exhibition is shorter, but Online Promotion Package has multiple promotion services that directly bring to your Virtual Exhibition page.

If you would like to focus on digital promotion with Virtual Exhibition platform, Online Promotion Package should be the best choice for your promotion.
◆ Schedule / Flow
Apply from below "Application" by Feb 19
(payment for issued invoice within 2 weeks)
Prepare for promotion by Feb 28

  • PDF data submittion via E-mail attachment for Wall Poster (A1 size, Vertical only)  and Pamphet / Brochure (A4 size, double-sided printing) for Advertisement booth at FOODEX JAPAN venue by Feb 28
  • Virtual Exhibition contents (edit My Page of Exhibitor Portal) by Mar 2
Start to use Virtual Exhibition from Mar 2 to May 31
  • E-mail preparation after Mar 12
Procedure detail will be noticed after the application.
◆ Price
JPY:  480,000 / 1 company (including tax and processing fee)
(Early-bird appliction campaign by Jan 29, Fri)

JPY:  550,000 / 1 company (including tax and processing fee)
(After Feb 1 - Feb 19)

◆ Payment due:
2 weeks after the invoice date Application will be completed once the Secretariat confirmed the payment for exhibit fee from the exhibitor. 

* Invoice will be sent from by PDF file. To consider environment, hard copy of an invoice will be issued upon request bases only.

◆ Payment method:
Bank transfer in JAPANESE YEN ONLY
All remittance charges including that of Japanese bank shall be beared by exhibitor.
◆ Application period
Jan 12  -  Feb 19 (Fri), 2021

* Early-bird application by Jan 29 (Fri)
Q:  Can we use 'ONLY' Virtual Exhibition?

A:  No, you cannot.  As a supplimental service for all exhibitiors, you need to apply for physical exhibition or 'Online Promotion Package' to join Virtual Exhibition.
Q:  Can we do Webinar (online seminar)?  Can we put our company ads on Virtual Exhibiton?

A:  Yes, you can.  In order to bring more buyers to your own pages on Virtual Exhibition, it is important to optimize the digital advertisement.  As an additionally charged service, we offer a wide range of advertisement options.  If attractive,  please contact .

Q:  How about food / beverage sampling at venue?

A:  As for Online Promotion Package (the Organizer's advertisement booth), our Japanese staff cannot treat any food / beverage samples at venue of FOODEX JAPAN 2021.  After you started to communicate with buyers online, please offer the food / beverage samples respectively on your customers' demand.
Q:  If the physical exhibition of FOODEX JAPAN 2021 has been canceled?

A:  The user of Online Promotion Package can keep using Virtual Exhibition and digital promotion service.  We FOODEX JAPAN team are organizing the physical exhibition of FOODEX JAPAN 2021 in March as scheduled, however, in case it has been canceled due to the Japanese governmental request/order, the rest of digital services will remain valid and Organizer extends the use term of Virtual Exhibition until Jun 11(Fri), instead of Organizer's advertisement booth.
Q:  Can we apply multiple (more than 2) companies as 1 application?

A:  No, you cannot.   Every single company / organization needs to make an application and the application fee is charged individually.  Regarding the request about invoice, please leave a comment on application or directly contact .
Q:  How can we continue to use Virtual Exhibition after May 31?

A:  You can continue to have access if you apply to exhibit at the related exhibition of HOTERES JAPAN & FOODEX JAPAN in Kansai (Jul 14 - 16 2021, at Intex Osaka).   If you would like to know more, please contact .
◆ Application
Read the following "Exhibition Rules and Regulation" and "Cancelation Policy"
Cancelation Policy for Online Promotion Package:

1, In case that the Organiser decides to cancel the physical exhibition of FOODEX JAPAN 2021, the Organizer shall not refund any related fees that the applicant / user paid for Online Promotion Package. 

2, In case that the applicant / user of Online Promotion Package wishes to cancel after the application has been confirmed by the Organizer, the Organizer shall not refund any related fees that the applicant / user paid for Online Promotion Package.  

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